Khirsu (pronounced as Khirsoo -खिर्सू ) is located in district Pauri ( pronounced as Paudhee -पौढ़ी ) of Uttarakhand state in India. 
  • Geographic coordinates - 30° 10' 16" North, 78° 52' 5" West

This town is one of the offbeat travel destinations in Himalayas. Located 19 kms. away from Pauri at an altitude of 1800 mts, Khirsu is a peaceful spot free from pollution. The tranquillity of the adjoining thick Oak and Deodar forests and apple orchards, is only broken by chirping birds. it is a quiet and calm place where families come picnicking. So, if you want to relax and unwind yourself, Khirsu is the destination for you. 

Trekking in and around Khirsu gives you a strange feeling. The woods are very thick, dark, and lovely. The winds wild and things beautiful in abundance. The valley down is not visible from behind the thick woods. However, Khirsu is a place where you can spend days together in an absolute rural setting. The fear of being lost into the darkest woods is never over here. A forest guest-house and a tourist lodge (GMVNL) provide for the necessary shelter. The woods here almost through the year attract the tourists and the nature lovers.  

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